AD Vanxe

Beside the AD Saniball machine, Advanced Distribution Spa has developed a new kind of disinfectant products dedicated to sport balls and athletes. These products have been developed under the trademark AD Vanxe.

AD Vanxe Sanispray and AD Vanxe Sanisport products, a range of alcohol-free sanitizing gels and sprays, have been designed not only according to the well-known hygienic needs but also to avoid skin damages due to alcohol based disinfectants products.

Thanks to the special patented formula IALUVANCE COMPLEXTM (Hydrogen Peroxide and Hyaluronic Acid), AD Vanxe products guarantee protection and hydration, for the skin and everything we love.

The use of AD Vanxe liquid is recommended for the AD Saniball machine.In this way, you’ll be sure of not damaging your sport balls, maintaining their quality and color.