Our project

Advanced Distribution Spa, a leader in the distribution of balls and other sports accessories, have recently decided to engage in launching two research projects related to health and sports.

These projects, witnesses of proactivity and continuous research of technological development, were born as a response to the recent Coronavirus emergency with the aim of being precursors of what this experience will leave us as a legacy.

As a result, we obtained two new lines of innovative products which take the name of AD Saniball and AD Vanxe.

The product developed under the registered trademark AD Saniball concerns a semi-automatic machine designed and developed to guarantee the sanitization of all basketballs, handballs, footballs and volleyballs.

Thanks to its 6 nebulizers and its special patented mechanism, AD-Saniball allows to sanitize more than 500 balls in series with a full tank of its own dedicated liquid AD Vanxe (10 liters).

Equipped with compact dimensions and low energy consumption, the machine is recognized as the ideal tool to meet the health needs imposed today on all teams, gyms and schools.

The AD-Saniball machine is CE certified.